Upcoming French Talent that is Promising

There has been a massive rise in French films that have been impressing the world of movie fans. The Cannes film festival has seen a burst in new talent every year. The rising generation of French actors and actresses has been a spotlight at the Cannes festival too. The chances are that if you are a movie fan, that you might have heard about these talented actors that are taking up the silver screen. If you haven’t heard about them yet, you are bound to know about them soon enough.

Emmanuelle Bercot

As an exceptional actress and a director, Emannuelle started her career at the Cours Florest school for drama studies. Her focus was on dancing after she completed her bachelors. She won the Prix du jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997 for her short film. Her roles in French movies took off when she struck gold with a part at the 1998 movie ‘Classe de Neige.’ Soon as the success of the movie hit the headlines, Emmannuelle directed a medium length movie called ‘La Puce’ which was critically acclaimed throughout France. Even at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, she was one of the most talked about actresses to grace the podium.

Thomas Bidegain

As a screenwriter, Thomas is one of the best in France. However, the status of being the best in the industry did not come quickly to him. He worked his way up with ten years of hard work and cruel pathways. He started his career in the film industry by producing and distributing movies independently. Most of the film he distributed were American ones. However, they were handpicked, and he was always a smart man for his industry. After moving to France to distribute ad working with the French talent, he was able to screen write for some of the best movies in France. His contribution to the film ‘Cowboys’ is what gave him the recognition that he deserved.

Louise Bourgoin

As a fine arts student, Louise started her career as a model. Her incredibly good looks were soon picked up the directors in France after she became a presenter on TV. She won’t a modeling contest, and her popularity on TV was full. The film industry was anxious to have on board and wanted the audience that she was able to garner. She even managed to get the title of being the most talented actress in French cinema after her very first role. After that first break, a dozen films were waiting for her. The audience loves this actress, and her popularity continues to rise drastically.

Guillaume Gouix

Guillaume Gouix – les confins du monde

The acting came naturally to Guillaume, and he was always in the television industry. His roles as a male lead in the shows were a massive hit right from the start. As a natural actor, he was picked up by directors such as Woody Allen. This actor has all that it takes to be a winner from the French movie industry. The news has been right that he is not a force to be reckoned with and no, his popularity has been too big for the film fans to see the end of his tenure in the movie industry.