Things Film Related to Enjoy in Cannes – Travelling for The Cannes Film Festival

The city of Cannes is located on the gorgeous strip of coastal land known as the French Riviera. All throughout the confines of this beautiful city, associations of wealth and fame could be had in the numerous luxury hotels and restaurants existing for the relaxation and enjoyment of tourists. Most of all, the city is the well-known locale of the Cannes Film Festival held annually in May. The star-studded festival is usually held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès where innovations and experimentations in movies and documentaries by the hands of great filmmakers could be experienced. However, aside from enjoying the films showcased in the festival, several film-related activities could be experienced throughout the city.

Cannes Film Festival
Cannes Film Festival

Dress to Impress outside the Palais

Men are encouraged to dress in tuxedoes while women in luxurious evening gowns if they want to be a winner of coveted extra tickets for a seat in the Cannes Film Festival auditoriums held at the Palais. Guests by invitation such as filmmakers and artists and other badge holders are some of the exclusive attendees of the prestigious festival. However, unused tickets are also offered to the public, and dressing well can score tourists an opportunity to enter one of the Palais’ 18 auditoriums.

Beach Movie Viewing

In addition to seeing movies, the atmosphere of Mace Beach is one of the best when it comes to experiencing open-air cinemas. The Beach is located near the Palais across the Hotel Majestic. Fortunately for tourists who were not able to avail a ticket for a seat in the screening, the beach’s administration allows viewers to spread beach towels and watch the movie comfortably while seated on the soft sand. Picnic food and wine are also allowed. However, tourists should check the language of film screenings to enjoy the best viewing experience.

Enjoy the food at Marché Forville

Marché Forville is the local food market in the city of Cannes and more than being affordable, and it is definitely a delight for foodies anywhere. Within the market, the usual fruits and vegetables are being sold along with samples of local delicacies. In fact, before going down to Mace Beach or the old town of Le Suquet, tourists and visitors can buy delicious picnic food at this market. Occasionally, actors and directors could also be seen buying food at the Marché Forville. During Mondays, the location becomes a flea market where you can shop for bargains and souvenirs.

Take a Walk at Le Suquet and La Croisette

Le Suquet is the old town district of Cannes where buildings dated centuries-old could be viewed while walking down the area’s cobbled streets. Some of the best tourist spots of Le Suquet include the Eglise Notre-Dame d ’Espérance, a beautiful aged church, and the Musée de la Castre. The latter is a Gothic castle built by monks in the 11th century. Inside, it is the home of an impressive art collection.

Le Suquet
Le Suquet

La Croisette, on the other hand, is the iconic walk in Cannes and has even been listed as one of the notable places in France’s cultural inventory. The walk is located on the eastern side of the Palais and is a good spot for tourists who like to sight-see and people-watch on the walk’s many blue chairs.