The Best Cinemas in Paris – Part 2

Our cinematic journey across Paris continues in part two of the best cinemas in Paris. The French capital has some of the most iconic cinema theaters in the whole world. Parisians have always loved film and Paris has always championed French film and everything about this marvelous artistic genre.

So it is hardly surprising to see that Paris plays host to some of the very best venues to see your favorite movies. Some of the cinemas featured do not just screen movies they are cultural and artistic hubs for the people of Paris and we start the sequel of our story with Le Brady.

Le Brady

It is so easy to miss this artistic gem that many people do not even know that Le Brady exists. The cinema is so tiny that it only has thirty nine seats, but it is packed full of charm that is simply adorable.

Even the great Francois Truffaut stated that Le Brady was his most favorite venues in the whole of Paris to watch a movie. Le Brady is a bit of a Punk Rocker when it comes to French cinema. It was one of the venues chosen to be part of the French New Wave, a movement that challenged French cinema in the 1950’s.  

The French New Wave was responsible for revolutionizing the local Cinema, giving support to upcoming French film directors and actors. The cinema has stayed loyal to its roots and has a policy of showing native art films and new discoveries from around the world.

La Bellevilloise

Head down to the trendy northeast of Paris and the 20th arrondissement, and you will find one of Paris’s most artistic cinematic gems. La Bellevilloise is much more than a simple cinema it is a whole unique cultural center.

The features screened are very much in the arthouse film genre, and after the movie is over patrons are encouraged to take advantage of a very eclectic music policy to relax and chat about the nuances of the feature.

The actual building was the very site that the inaugural Parisian workers cooperative started, way back in 1877. Many people flock to La Bellevilloise in the summer to take advantage of the roof terrace before and after a screening to chat over a cocktail or two. On special evenings the venue plays host to some of the best jazz musicians that Paris has to offer.

Le Grand Rex

To finish our long cinematic journey of Paris the curtain comes down on Le Grand Rex, perhaps one of the largest and most opulent cinemas in the whole of Europe. The theater boasts a massive two thousand eight hundred seats and has the largest screen in Paris.

The ambience of Le Grand Rex is staggering, the décor is adorned with gold painted seating replicating the Golden Age of Hollywood and all its excess. The theater shows the biggest blockbusters of the day, but with a twist as the movies are often dubbed in French. 

Le Grand Rex also lays on comedy nights and other cultural events, but its main focus is on the big screen and movies. This elegant theater is the last of the great venues that we have seen on our epic Parisian cinema journey.