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Legendary French Actors to Be Featured on the Silver Screen

When it comes to ground-breaking cinema, the French have always remained forerunners in securing a place for themselves, just like what they do in the fashion arena. The first true motion film was conceived by the Lumiere Brothers who are considered trailblazers in accomplishing this feat. The zeal and passion the French carried for their movies were portrayed in the film they created. From Poetic stories that were all sad and wound up to film that was philosophical, the French proved their supremacy.

The French saw a new wave of experimentalism and extremism come up in the year 2000 with the emergence of crime and thrillers. The French experiences that cinema has showered on its global viewers is by far something that nobody envisioned. French cinema is what it is today due to the fantastic efforts extended by the talented actors. The movie magicians need to be given due credit for making French cinema the best in the world.

Gérard Depardieu

This genius wasn’t born the way he is today. As a young boy, he was a delinquent and unruly and his looks are not to kill for too; however, his acting skills prove everybody wrong. Being a prolific actor, Gerard Depardieu’s Les Valseuses and Le Dernier Metro are a few that were appreciated; he even went on to win awards and accolades for these. He didn’t stop with this, went on to mesmerise the Hollywood audience through movies like Bogus and The Man in the Iron Mask. He also starred in the global sensation, 102 Dalmatians. His appearances might seem unruly, but by far he is one of the best French actors to grace the international screen.  

The Most Envied Vincent Cassel

This man, the son of actor Jean-Pierre Cassel proved that he is in fact, his father’s son with his powerful performances in movies like L’Appartement and Dobermann. He was envied and hated by most men because he broke a lot of hearts by marrying Monica Bellucci who was the heartthrob of Italy and some more. The characters he took up were mere challenges that helped him increase his fan base. He dared to portray edgy and difficult roles thereby doubling his popularity. He also took Hollywood by storm when he extended his acting expertise in movies like Eastern Promises, Black swan and Ocean’s Twelve.

Audrey Tautou- The Amelie Glory

She started her journey with Amelie one of the best romantic comedies of its time; however, her breakthrough came with the astounding performance in Venous Beauty, which fetched her the Cesar Award for The Best Promising Actress. Her eyes alone speak volumes that coupled with her boyish beauty, Audrey is a deal maker. She did well in the Hollywood arena as well where she was known for movies like The Da Vinci Code, Pretty Devils and A Very Long Engagement.

The Feminine Beauty, Danielle Darrieux

Her natural and sensual beauty coupled with her in-born acting skills had people hooked to movies she acted in. She came from a music background that aided her musical understanding. Her acting in films such as Mayerling, Port-Arthur and Abus de Confiance ensured she was recognised and appreciated. Hollywood welcomed Danielle by offering her roles in The Rage of Paris and Young and Pretty. Unfortunately, the rumour that she was in contact with the Germans brought down her popularity for a short period. She came back with a bang when she gave her best performance in The Earrings of Madame De.