Great Film Festivals of Paris – Part 1

Paris is known for many things such as the most romantic city in the world, and the capital of fashion. But it also the center of the French film industry and is respected all over the globe for the great film festivals it holds.

The beautiful architecture and the many romantic views from the enchanting bridges over the River Seine brings many tourists flocking to the French capital. But do not let this distract you from the fact that Paris is an important hub of French cinema. When you mention French film festivals then of course Cannes springs to mind, but this is not the only important cinematic French event. Paris holds many top notch film events and in this blog we unearth some of them.

Champ-Elysees Festival

If you love your cinema and happen to be in Paris in June, then it is well worth taking a stroll down the most famous street in Paris. The Champ-Elysees Film Festival is named after this famous thoroughfare and specializes in French and American films.

The PAMA Awards

The Paris Art and Movie Awards is an international festival of arty fun with a prestigious award ceremony to cap it all off. It is the leading independent film festival held in the French capital since it began in 2015, and specializes in independent artists. The festival is based in historic Saint-Germain-Des-Pres which is recognized as one of the intellectual and artistic hubs of Paris. The focus is on prestigious and high-quality films that are shown in some of the most iconic venues in the city.

The Paris Independent Film Festival

In December each year the Paris Independent Film Festival opens its doors to film makers from all over the world to send in low-budget movies to celebrate the talent of upcoming and new film directors. Some Parisians call it the Paris Indie Festival and the fact that most of the submissions are shown at the iconic Reflet Medicis cinema is one great reason for attending. The emphasis is on films that have yet to find a distributor, and the hope is that the festival will highlight the film and if it is an awards winner then it may be picked up by a major film distributor and actually be shown around the world.

The Urban Films Festival

There is nothing like a little bit of self-indulgence, and that is what the Urban Films Festival is all about. The festival devotes itself to films about Paris, be they documentaries or more political issues about Parisians. The aim of this festival is to unearth new Parisian film talent, whether it be directing, acting or some other form of cinematic talent. If it goes against urban stereotypes then it fits the bill. Over the last decade the festival has showcases many hundreds of previously unreleased movies.

The Urban Films Festival gives independent film makers a chance on the international cinema scene. And the festival is now recognized as a superb point of reference for new French cinematic talent. In part two of our blog we look at even more amazing film festivals in Paris.