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An Iconic Film Festival in France For The LGBTQ Community – Cheries Cheris

The LGBTQ community has been finally enjoying its rightful place in today’s society. However, their fight to be included without seclusion has not come without going to extreme lengths. There was a time when the community had to go in search of events that would cater to their personalities, and the Cheries Cheris Festival is one of them. The festival has been running for over 20 years, and the selection of films that are showcased at the festival are perfectly catered to including the LGBTQ community.

An Iconic Film Festival in France For The LGBTQ Community - Cheries Cheris
An Iconic Film Festival in France For The LGBTQ Community – Cheries Cheris

Paris The Home of The Cheries Cheris

It all began in Paris, the city where inclusion to communities is at heart. Numerous people move to Paris because of the inclusion they can enjoy in a romantic city. Cheries-Cheris was started in Paris, and every year, the number of films that are showcased span several gender theories. Be it stories of sex change or same-sex romance movies, and the film festival does not disappoint. For a person from the LGBTQ community, this is where their entertainment strikes home. The film festival is an international one that draws moviemakers from around the world to showcase their work. Since 1994, the festival is grown leaps and bounds and this year marks the 25th year since it first launched. Awards are handed for the best films at the festival, and the competition is tight. So if you are looking for an array of excellent quality LGBTQ movies, this is the forum. 

In an age when countries are encouraging marriages between same-sex people, the struggle to get to the point of inclusion has not come without a tough fight. There are now films dedicated just to the empowerment of the LGBTQ community. These movies feature the political struggle through time and also currently that the community face – A stark reminder of the long path ahead that is laid for them. These films are also part of the Cheries Cheris festival and are an excellent opportunity for those in the LGBTQ community to find inspiration from. 

This year, the festival showcases over 20 films by award willing directors that are aimed at empowering and inspiring the LGBTQ community. Directors such as Abel Ferrera, Travis Finen and Larry Clark are shown at the festival. The MK2 Bibliotheque and The Beaubourg are the two venues that will show the films. The films are also in English, and the programme for the festival is available for those interested.

Entering The Festival as An Attendee or A Maker

To register for the film festival attendance, the prices are minimal for some of the best world-class entertainment. Every film is hand-picked for the community and is thoroughly vetted for the genre. When filmmakers enter their films to be showcased, they are not guaranteed a show unless it is in line with the goals of the festival and the type of theme that will empower the community. Films that are shown run for about 35 to 40 mins at the most for the feature films. Competitions that are run in parallel to the films showcased are awarded on the last day, and all filmmakers are encouraged to participate.