All about France’s Version of The Oscars – The Cesar Awards

Cesar award is to French what the Oscars are to Americans. It is a national film award for the French to applaud and acknowledge the hardworking and talented individuals and groups in French cinema. The Cesar award is given out during the Nuit des César ceremony – A ceremony that assembles all actors, actresses, producers and any professionals who are associated with the filmmaking industry. The French government constituent, Ministry of Culture significantly supports this awarded ceremony.

The History of The Cesars

The Cesar awards were first introduced and awarded in 1976, and since then it was nationally televised through France and other parts of the world as well. It is hosted in the Théâtre du Châtelet Paris in February each year. The Cesar award is the most prestigious film honor award in the French film industry that is similar to the academy awards of Hollywood. It has roots back in 1976 when it was created by Georges Cravenne who goes by the real name of Joseph Raoul Cohen. He was the brainchild behind the formation of the Academy of Arts and Techniques of Cinema and is also responsible for the creation of the Molière Award for theatre. Cravenne realized the skillset, creativity, and innovation of film professionals and intended to have a system of awarding that is equivalent to the Oscars in America which will be ab able to recognize those outstanding individuals and the most remarkable film artwork.

At the inaugural of the César Awards, only about 13 awards were given. However, today, it has gone up to a total of 22 awards within nine sub-categories. This has transpired due to increasing specialties within the film industry and also as a result of the rise in film technology. The nomination of the Cesar award is carried out by members within the 12-classifications of film professionals, while the government reinforces it.

The Étoile de Cristal

Cesar awards succeeded the Étoile Cristal – The award given out between 1955 – 1975. However, other awards of similar caliber as well as special awards were also presented to complement the filming artworks. However, none has generated much enthusiasm like the Cesar award. It has now run for a successive 44 years and is a much-anticipated award of the French film industry. A total of 21 awards are given under the category of merit awards that includes the best actor, actress, director, etc. Under the special awards category, a total of 5 awards (currently) is given out like the honorary award and Prix Daniel Toscan du Plantier.

The Retired Awards

The concept behind this award is to show appreciation to the top performing individuals and the most remarkable and creative filming artwork. Films that have managed a profound technique yet have subtly provided a mechanism to promote the French film industry’s perpetuation, maintenance, developing quality, and reputation are regarded with respect at the award ceremony. The support given by the government has a significant impact that has propelled the filming industry to one that is of extensive correspondence. Today the industry has become effectual in promoting a more engaging audience and recruits new aspiring individuals into the film industry.